By utilizing generics when possible,
we will substantially lower your drug spend.

Our service level makes a true difference in your facility



Pharmacy Unlimited excels in accurate, on time dispensing

Our philosophy is for every patient to have access to every possible medication, every day. At Pharmacy Unlimited, we can STAT new orders. This applies even on Friday nights and weekends.


  • We are open 7 days a week and a pharmacist is available 24 hours/day
  • We have extended business hours with our own in-house personnel available to take your call.

In-House pharmacy supply

Depending on your needs, we can stock your facility with 40-60% of your medication needs. This means that your patients will not suffer while waiting for their urgent medications, assuring that your staff will be compliant by delivering medications in a timely manner.


Online capabilities provide the following services for your facility:

  • Medication pricing
  • Admit/Discharge patients
  • Maintain patient records
  • Place new drug orders and refills
  • Print medical records
  • Print facility reports (all patients on psycho-actives, etc)
  • Obtain accruing Part A cost up to the minute
  • View previous bills
  • Evaluate physician cost to facility based on prescribing habits

Quarterly Review

At your request we can perform quarterly reviews that will evaluate:

  • Cost containment for Part A
  • Generic utilization
  • Facility performance in preparation for state survey


  • We compound medications that other LTC pharmacies refuse
  • Both sterile and non-sterile compounding


Contact Us

Address: Pharmacy Unlimited
12801 Wetmore Rd
San Antonio, TX 78247-3628

Phone: (432) 580-5123
Fax: (432) 333-1916



  • Pharmacy Unlimited excels in accurate, on time dispensing
  • Availability
  • In-House pharmacy supply
  • Technology
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly performance review
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